D-Shape is a brand created by Monolite UK Ltd.

D-Shape can print any feature that can be enveloped into a cube 6x6 meters side. The applications by Monolite are endless.

1. Public/Urban.
Bus stops; park benches/seats; kiosks; coloured marble effect pavements; fountains.

2. Private.
Gazebos; swimming pool furnishings (dummy rocks, fountains, small bridges,
chairs, pavements); artistic staircases; fountains; flower boxes; home stone furnishing: basins, kitchens, sofas, tables.

3. Playgrounds and kindergarten.
Fantasy buildings, tunnels, caves, mountains.

4. Religious.
Temples, bell towers, altars, statues, arches, columns.

5. Natural Parks / Zoo - Recreational.
Nearly zero environment impact architecture, bungalows, aquariums, caves.

6. Studios/Artistic.
Reproduction of buildings, fantasy/futurist shapes, caves for movies.
Any artistic feature: horses, heads, etc.

7. Archaeology.
Missing parts of columns, etc.

8. Large scale rapid prototyping.
Half scale or 1/4 scale models of buildings, copies of any existing building; cave spheres, ellipsoids, pyramids.

9. Civil engineering / Complex industrial plant parts.
Bridge portions, road portions, tube sections, pillars portions, stone floating, harbor sections, marina furnishing, variable section beams and columns, Water depuration, insulation plates

10. Stone machines.
Stone doors, stone bearings, articulated stone structures.

11. Cemeteries.

D-Shape appeals to two different kind of costumers:

Building industry:

- Building contractors to make one to two floor buildings.
- Architectural Firms that need to make scaled models of buildings.
- All generic sandstone product manufacturers.
- Building equipment suppliers.

Media and Arts industry:

- Studios that make dummy rocks for aquariums, swimming pools and wellness centres.
- Fantasy structures for recreational/adventure/ parks and the sandstone sculptors.
- Museums and Foundations that need to replicate monuments and temples.